View of home exterior with new siding.

Health & Safety

We performed multiple repairs via punch list here to remedy a variety of health and safety concerns. Exterior siding was replaced to avoid any ongoing mold issues. Kitchen and garage outlets are now GFCI protected as per Municipal code. Their dryer vents were blowing near zero pressure at the exterior vent. To remedy this, I snaked in a 12’ line with a 4” brush and had it back to functioning properly.




Anchorage, Alaska


July 2019


  • Replace rotten siding
  • Install GFCI outlets in kitchen & garage
  • Replaced expired or not functioning smoke/CO detectors
  • Replace cracked outlet
  • Replaced closet door
  • Replaced bedroom doors
  • Installed range hood fan
  • Vented range hood to exterior
  • Installed combustion vent in garages
  • Installed water heater pressure relief drain pipe
  • Patched holes in the walls
  • Installed dryer hose per MOA code
  • Cleaned out dryer lines
  • Repaired cabinet

“Very good work, Sterling did on a couple of my investment properties. Good quality on various types of repairs throughout the buildings and definitely high on-time deliveries. Highly recommended to anyone that needs affordable/dependable repair work.”