Alaska Mountain background.


Sterling Anderson, Owner of Anchor Contracting, LLC

Sterling Anderson and his wife pose in front of Alaskan mountains and glacier on a hike.

My passion for construction and carpentry work began at 12 years old when my grandfather taught me how to build cabinets in his garage. I never stopped building and learning after that summer. As I continued to sharpen my skills in carpentry, I eventually expanded into home remodels, repairs, and new construction projects.

Through self-teaching and hands-on experience, I have mastered several trades including finish carpentry, rough carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. There isn’t anything I can’t fix or improve in a home.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Montana Tech. After spending a summer working in Alaska, my wife and I were hooked and moved to Anchorage after graduation.

We take every opportunity we can to spend time outdoors in our big Alaskan backyard hiking, climbing, skiing, biking, fishing, and hunting. I am a mountaineering enthusiast and have had the privilege of summiting Denali on my second attempt in 2018. It’s very possible you’ll find us rock climbing along the Seward highway, hiking our favorite trails in the Chugach front range, or biking single track trails in Anchorage.

In addition to my passions for construction and the outdoors, I have served the Chugiak area since 2017 as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. I have certifications in EMT I and FF II and continue to develop first responder skills with the Chugiak Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department.

I am excited to have the opportunity with Anchor Contracting LLC to use my passion to provide quality work and customer service to our community. Give me a call for a free estimate!