Health & Safety

This customer was working with a relocation company and needed repairs done quickly, before leaving the state. Anchor Contracting, LLC completed multiple punch list tasks ranging from electrical to drywall installation under the stairs. The exterior deck stairs had an inadequate rise and run so the old stairs were removed and new stairs with the proper rise and run were built in their place. The customer also decided to have the roof extension covering the deck removed. After this job completion, the same structural engineer returned to inspect the stairs and the removed roof extension. He quickly approved the work allowing the homeowner to meet all expectations with the relocation company.




Anchorage, Alaska


August 2019


  • Punch list inspection repairs
  • Filled mortar cracks in exterior stone on home
  • Removed and rebuilt exterior deck stairs that weren’t to code
  • Removed roof extension that wasn’t to code

Sterling is very professional and easy to work with. He does quality work in the time frame he states and updates you on any issues or highlights. He completed a number of repairs and updates on my house and I am happy with all of them! Highly recommend!”